Gator (ゲイター) GP-PE1310 Drum Set Cases 62c42gfmg52380-その他

アズワン/AS ONE ビッグボーイ(テフロン(R)スーパーPFA製ボトル) 細口1000ml 品番:4-5342-04 JAN:4571110704417

Gator (ゲイター) GP-PE1310 Drum Set Cases 62c42gfmg52380-その他

Gator (ゲイター) GP-PE1310 Drum Set Cases



Gator (ゲイター) GP-PE1310 Drum Set Cases 打楽器 ドラム パーカッション (並行輸入)

The Elite Air Series design features an oversized case with tailor-made contours and shaped foam strips to securely cushion each drum
Drum rest in the middle, away from the side walls, providing a snug fit and eliminating the need for foam
Acco mmodates most suspended mounting brackets without upsizing
Comes with a limited lifetime warranty against cracking
Adjustable straps with quick-snap clips for easy attachment

Gator (ゲイター) GP-PE1310 Drum Set Cases
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